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All the Free streaming movies on TubeStroke are, you guessed it, FREE! But we add new levels to FREE in this case, we even cut out all the commercials. You know that feeling, you’re wanking on some free german tube streamings, everything is going just fine, and then some German Whore pops up on your screen telling you that Jerking is a shame and you can date real women. Now, this is one of the reasons I am not that fond of the German Population. I still have to find the first real German Lady, cause when I believe the TubeStroke German Area, those whores are never satisfied!

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TubeStroke gets submitted per week around 15.000 movies from the bigger porn producents, they want from you in return some attention. But then there is us, we are in the middle. From the 15.000 Videos we only place 100 on the front page of TubeStroke, those 100 are the best, the hottest and contain no interruptions. Those Big Porn Pimps will not clutter your mind with low-quality porn. Who the hell they think we are, we go for Quality. So, all tube videos on our website are hand-selected and reviewed by someone who really needed it.

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Sure, we are aware that you will see a few movies, average stay, let’s say 10 minutes? This will result in a little server bill of .25 Cents, and we have no problems tossing you a quarter! Just be so kind and spread our generosity under your friend network, be a bro and give your friends a ho! You can visit us every day, you can come back any time you wish. We do not track your visits, but we do love it when you come back every time you feel like stroking your tube. Just stop reading, and visit us now, or are you not hard yet for a sexy nice sex movie with young adults?

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Yes, there is only one tube site in this world that has created all profiles by hand. We did not copy anything. When we did our research regarding an actress, we made sure all info was verified and confirmed before putting it online. We have 18.000 and counting, updated fresh porn star profiles with the movies associated. Yes, we threw in some extra months of work!

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