Hi guys, thank you for being with us. We are girlfriends and love each other. And we want to share our love and passion with you. Nice to meet you, I’m Adele! I’m 18 y.o. By the way, my height is 170 cm and my foot size is 5.5. In my childhood I used to do gymnastics so now I have a very strong and toned body! Nowadays, I just running every day to keep fit. Moreover, I adore watching films so I’m officially a cinephile! You can always talk to me and do more interesting things;) I’m very happy to see you in our room, xo! Hey, I’m Jia, I’m 18 y.o. My height is 165cm and my foot size is 36cm/5.5. I’m from Ukraine. My hobby is going to the gym because I believe that our body is our temple so we should take care of it! Moreover, I like yoga, it’s like relaxation for me. By the way, I read a lot of books so you will always be interested in me! Together we can do anything you want! Come soon!

There is no reason for you to NOT come to my room. Follow your heart!

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