Little Feralberry

My name is Lisa. I am a very interesting and funny girl! I love reading books, watching interesting movies, learn, love to walk in nature, and meditate! I’m also a vegetarian and I love animals! You will know more about me and fall in love with me if you see me more often. If you want me to add you to friends, you should follow several rules: – Be friendly and polite! I do not like when people ignore me and do not greet me. – Do not ask anything for free! I am kind, but I am not a free model and I do not like scroungers. – Write me a message, from time to time! I love to communicate. And those who have known me for a long time know that I always worry about them! My dream is for all people to be just happy and not know any problems.. ! Also I just want to visit many countries and travel around the world! I want to be in the mountains of Italy, visit Paris, and run bare feet on the ocean.

You can come to my room, and we will have a nice conversation to start with.

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