If you know me in person … STOP !! Do not make virtual scandals, I am a webcam girl without hiding anything, everyone around me knows it, so you can save yourself the show. My artistic name is Lise, I am a Colombian girl, wanting to eat the world, with mistakes and successes, but real in front of the camera and you, I do not have operations on my body and face, but I respect the girls that yes, I know they are Colombians have a reputation for being hot girls, but apart from being hot I have a heart full of love, like you, I also have feelings, so it’s very nice when you respect me <3 I am not looking for love on this page, I have a boyfriend and I feel that I am not missing anything, I ONLY GET FUN WHILE I MONETIZE MY BODY, it is clear and simple love 🙂 My life has changed since I started this little adventure. And I am here to make friends, memorable moments, and experience sensual emotions to enjoy. .

Let us chat a little in my live cam room and see if we are a possible match!

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