Hello, I am Julia, and when you see me for the first time, you probably think I am some crazy ass bitch with bipolar problems, and for just thinking that I will kick your ass when you are in my room, and chock you under the massive weight of my breasts. lol. I Am okay with whatever you think, I do not mind. Freedom starts when you do not give a fuck what others think about you. I am not one of those girls that walk in a line of sheep and imitate the hottest looking babe in her style. No, I am pure, raw, down to heart, and all natural. I am also not of yesterday, yes, I am very educated, and outside this secret job, I am having I am just a normal woman that does not get noticed. This I like to keep it that way. Why provoke when there are so many guys on the street who do not leave you alone, why wear a short skirt when you know you are being stared at, why do your best to be an eye-catcher when you are not doing it here? I am having super big glasses, so do not think I cant see you! Babe, enough talking, let’s go to the Love Making Part!

I will love to hear about your naughty fantasies. Let's meet now in my bedroom.

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