Hi there, Jame is my name, being from the Russian Federation, and yes, we are friends of the European Union. Always have been, we are neighbors kept apart by cold winds, mountains of snow, and maybe a little media that paint us black. We are proud people, we have suffered and worked, my grandparents did for sure. And I am here cause I am proud of who I am, so, I am not a fake European girl, I am a proud woman from Mother Russia. I have 21 years, and I think I am very nice looking. A sexy face with naughty eyes and luscious lips. And you know what, I am still single, and unmarried. We, Russian Girls, wait a little longer before we give our heart to a man who deserves it. When you come to my room, you will feel my feminine side, you will enjoy my laughter and smiles. I invite you to make a nice hot moment with me in my private room, there is no snow, there is no Vodka, there is just me and you!

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