Shay he? No, I am not SHY little smart-ass guy you are. I am Isa and you can ring my Bell All day! hehe, I am delighted being here and I run my own room and show, so it is me who writes to you. Let’s get some things out of the way, yes I am pretty, yes I am sexy. And this does not mean I am pretentious, no-no. I am a warm woman, and when you meet me on the street and smile at me, I will probably smile back and feel good all day. Now, since everyone has masks on their faces, I can not see them smile anymore. And it affects me, and other women too. Do you think we love the idea that you hide your sexy face and mouth behind a mask? Maybe it is sexy in a way, but I rather feel your lips eating me out without any fear of catching the Covid. So, let’s do it safe today, let’s do it on the webcam!

I love to talk with you today, maybe we can have a naughty little playtime together in my bedroom.

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