I am Daisy and I am fucking crazy, about life, about love, about my fans, about everyone who is nice to me. I suck up the vibes like your cock down my throat, I feel your pulsating dick on my lips, and you lose your mind, and while I am playing with your balls and make them feel good with my skilled fingers, I am going to move my body like the ocean under your chest and move my pussy as a landing strip in front of my vagina, and I will let you slide inside of me, pump me full with your seed, pull out and spray your love juices over my breasts and let me take the last drips with my mouth, mhhh so tasty, why would we stop? I feel your dick growing hard again, now we can go for round two, we can do it slower, and harder and deeper. And when you feel my vagina tightening around your penis, you will ejaculate deep down in me, and look me in the eyes and tell me “That was out of this world” and I will blush and smile and fall asleep on your chest, catching my breath, flowing away on my emotions for a few moments, and then look you in the eye and ask you “Will you come back soon?”

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Author: Cam Dates Live Sex