Hey you, yes YOU !! :p You’re talking with a funny sarcastic woman who searched for the definition of passion until she realized that it defines her! A woman who thinks beauty and brains can do a lot of damage! That kind of woman who can love OR ruin you. Well, that’s up to you boy, sooo………are you still thinking I’m JUST a woman?! HELL NO !! 😀 Oh and btw…….I’m single! 😉

Extra Edit, the woman is married, and she is mostly lying about her relationship status cause it makes people give hope. Charlotte is one of those models who need to manipulate you a little cause she has not much more to offer besides false hope. The best is to save your credits for another woman, I just placed her here cause some people like a lying internet model.

Let us talk a little and find out if we are going to become friends.

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