Anngel 19

Welcome to my beautiful and sweet room! ❤ My name is Anngel, I am 19 years old, I am Colombian, I currently live in Ontario, Toronto. Do you like the combination of lust and innocence? I am like this, a hot girl with a gentle but playful disposition. I am very tender be good to me and I will show you my demons. Because it’s not always about sex. I would start with this, the body will always be my cover, and the soul my pages. Lots of feelings and feelings. Maybe for some it means a lot and for others nothing. The cover of a book can also be a cover that will attract your attention or seem boring, but the pages, the lines, the words will always count … Know me, know my thoughts, feelings, decisions and dreams. Just be you, I will love you even if I don’t know the cover of your book. Being here, I learned to fight. To believe in myself every day, I learned what it means to earn, what it means to work, what it means to put soul into what you do, I learned that after death there is life and after the storm the sun. Over time, I have met wonderful people here who love and appreciate me. With your help, I have learned from everyone to be strong and to believe in myself. I raised my head and went on my way, you have a place to be next to me. With much love, THANK YOU!

Say “Hello” when you are in my cam room. I love to have a talk with you.

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