About us

We are happy you are here.

My Dating Cam is all about feeling witty and flirtatious on the cam and doing this with a partner we offer you here on our sexy website. Yes, we are into cam girls, we fucking love it. They are so dynamic and it never gets boring, so we assembled a great portal for you where we list cam ladies who are single and have told in their profiles there is an opening for a serious partner, but you know how it works right? When a girl puts this on her profile for the world to read then there is nothing exclusive anymore. So, the cam girl thinks twice and puts the message between the lines for the good guys to read. The models selected for MyDatingCam have given us consent to promote their rooms to you, and so we do! We have 5 categories for you, it starts with the young adults and ends with the Solo girls sitting home alone, and everything in the middle. Yes, we even have performers who are searching for a date they can beat up with a whip or some other fetish toys, contact those at your own risk, I am not a pain game fan, but some are!

What is our message?

Besides the fact we always urge our visitors to uphold the utmost courtesy, we understand that some people are not very handy in the early stages of chatting. This is nothing to be embarrassed about. We have anticipated on this, and we selected the girls who are always breaking the ice with a smile, on MyDatingCam we have positive souls cheering you up, advising you, helping you to become a more confident person. These girls are born under the most vibrant star sign ever, they do not mind you saying something stupid, they forgive and forget! Dating is for everyone an exciting phase of growing up, so we have again anticipated on this, we have Couples listed who found love on this exact same site, these couples can learn you new things, they can talk to you about relationships and advise you where needed. WebcamDating is more than just a place where we stuff you in a chat room, we want to add something nice to your life, this is why we made this website.

Why are we so Sweet and … FREE?

My Dating Cam is a website made by people who have experienced great moments on the webcam, people who have made many new friendships! And sometimes friendship is priceless. Commercial friendships are no friendships I hear you say? But think about it like this, when you as a guy see a nice girl in the bar, the first thing you want is to see her naked. And that is exactly where we come in, why get drunk? Just save the bar tap and spend it on a high-quality cam room with a willing girl showing you her naked body. Efficient love!