Hey Hey! I am glad that you are interested in information about me, for me this is important. Here’s what I can tell you about myself. My name is Anna. At first glance, I may seem very shy, but if you get to know me better, you will change your mind lol Ohh, I really love wine, so don’t be surprised if you see me often with a glass in hand and no, I’m not an alcoholic haha Reading books first, and then watching films on them, this is a separate type of my entertainment hehe I think this will be the most popular question. Do I have a boyfriend? No. I am too young for a relationship and I want to become stronger as a person and achieve my goals first. My girlfriend, Lisa, is 19 years, she loves to chat and does not mind making new friends. When we are really horny, we invite Violetta to our shows. She has 21 years, and she is very unique. A message from the 3 of us, Every woman knows that it is almost impossible to live without a best friend. Who will keep our secrets, share dreams and weaknesses? Who will find time to comfort in grief, give good advice or just brighten up a lonely evening? We are the best friends and we’re going to make our life together.

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